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Dynamic Planner is one system for all your financial planning needs, enabling you to match people with suitable portfolios through engaging financial plans. It is an end-to-end, risk-based system, combining intuitive, financial planning technology with a trusted, independent asset risk model.

Founded in 2003, at the heart of Dynamic Planner is an asset risk model, with a 16-year track record of ensuring investment suitability and using more than 2,400 covariance correlations to assess the risk of tens of thousands of investments and client portfolios daily.

Dynamic Planner is a complete and yet flexible system for all your firm’s planning and suitability needs. It uses an independent standard for risk profiling throughout to ensure nothing is ever lost in translation in the planning and advice process.

Dynamic Planner Cash flow combines intuitive technology users love, with an independent asset risk model they trust. Advisers can build cash flow modelling into their firm’s regular client review process, and confidently bring a client’s cash flow plan vividly to life using their financial goals and objectives. Cash flow plans can be produced in minutes, not hours – and for every client, not just a chosen few.

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