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Insignis Cash Solutions offers a digital cash solution to improve returns on cash savings. Opening multiple bank accounts to benefit from ever changing rates is too time consuming. With a single Insignis account, clients gain access to hundreds of savings accounts. Whether for an individual, company, charity, Trust or local authority, we can help.

Using bespoke technology, the Insignis cash platform provides transparency to customers and allows them to open accounts and place funds at the click of a button.

Our technology ensures that all bank rates are constantly monitored and clients can make informed decisions as to where they would like to hold their cash. We ensure that a client’s liquidity needs are taken into consideration and that multiple accounts benefit from FSCS protection eligibility – a huge advantage in these uncertain times. Unlike other providers of cash management, our bank panel is extremely extensive and therefore we offer a wider product range with access to over 1000 products and diversified in comparison and multiple currencies.

We ensure that several life events where cash is prominent can be serviced through our product. This includes Power of Attorney deposits, Trust funds, divorce proceedings, major asset disposals, tax bills and Court of Protection cash.

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Assets under influence:
£1.7 billion executed
Private Limited Company


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