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True Potential V6 is a single integrated platform that brings together the three core elements of True Potential – the back-office system, the Wealth Platform, and client servicing tools, such as their unique client websites. Everything an adviser needs to build and manage their clients financial plans can be accessed quickly, easily and from anywhere in the world, from one single online location.

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True Potential sits third by number of users in our survey of back office systems, behind Intelligent Office and the Iress tools (old and current). 22 financial planners rated the True Potential back office system, giving it a good score of 6.1 out of 10 for willingness to recommend to colleagues. True Potential's back office system users are mainly users of the True Potential suite of tools, including platform, on-platform client portal, and on-platform risk profiler.


Cash Flow Modelling
Client Portal
Risk Profiling

No integrations available for Cash Flow Modelling

No integrations available for Client Portal

No other integrations available.

No integrations available for Platform

No integrations available for Research

No integrations available for Risk Profiling


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