Digital Process Champion

AJ Bell Investcentre, Fidelity FundsNetwork, Standard Life Wrap and True Potential are the 2020 (H2) NextWealth Digital Process Champions.

They lead the pack by digitally enabling 90% of their document submission processes.

The recognition was published in the latest edition of NextWealth’s Adviser Tech Stack research, recognising these firms for their efforts and performance against competition with 16 other platforms.

85 distinct processes across 20 platforms were examined, and AJ Bell Investcentre, Fidelity FundsNetwork, Standard Life Wrap and True Potential, require scans or wet signatures for fewer than 10% of their processes. This achievement deserves recognition.


Providing insight into their latest digital developments and to mark their accolade, a spokesperson from each Digital Process Champion shares their thoughts:

Billy Mackay, Marketing Director of AJ Bell:
“We are always looking at how we can improve our platform and processes to make it easier for advisers and their clients to use AJ Bell Investcentre. The Covid crisis accelerated some of that work, particularly around the acceptance of scanned forms and digital signatures. Advisers can now send virtually all documents to us electronically and we know this is something they have really appreciated during a time when they have had to adapt their own business processes. The changes we have made in this area are permanent so that is definitely at least one positive development to come out of this very difficult year.”

Danny Wynn, Head of Proposition, Growth and Strategy, FundsNetwork:
“Throughout our 20-year history, we’ve listened to advisers and responded with the development of products and services which meet their needs. In an increasingly online world, the expansion and enhancement of the digital experiences we’re able to offer them is an important part of this.
“While the pandemic increased the urgency with which certain solutions were required, the introduction of services such as “Upload and Send” - our online document upload functionality - form part of our ongoing programme of digitisation, intended to support advisers by increasing efficiencies and removing some of the administrative burden they face.”

Noel Butwell, Chief Executive Standard Life:
“We are committed to continually improving operational efficiencies on our journey to deliver an effortless experience for our clients and customers. Digital enablement has been a key theme throughout the pandemic and businesses have adapted to offer smarter processes and an enhanced customer experience. Digital signature acceptance is only one function out of a list of smarter enhancements we plan to make over the next 18 months. We hope this reassures advisers that we have listened and understood what their business and clients need most from us and that we are prepared to make the investment required to support them in what has been a challenging year.”

Daniel Harrison, Chief Executive at True Potential:
“When we set up True Potential in 2007, it was with a digital first mentality, so we’ve always been striving to avoid paper based systems where possible. That approach meant that the move to home-working in lockdown was no problem and there was no reduction in business or service levels to our advisers and clients. We used that moment as an opportunity to develop new ideas and I’m delighted to say that one of the digital systems we introduced is now seeing over £400m of new business each month. I doubt many people will look back too fondly on 2020 but I’m pleased with the way we responded to the challenge. We brought forward some fresh ideas and grew stronger as a result.”

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